Sunday, November 17, 2013

GVAL Benefit Show and Sale 2013

The Gilbert Visual Art League 5x7 Benefit Show and Sale
turned out great.  The Gilbert art walk and farmers market
were right across the street and Postino Wine Cafe has
wonderful bruschetta that we sampled throughout the day.
You can't beat our weather in November!  Any paintings that were not
sold will be offered at a later venue.  Please visit my web site to
view or purchase my paintings

Gilbert Beautification Award

Here is the Gilbert Beautification Award 2013.  I was
tempted to take it home, but I think a better
spot will be at American Legion Post 39, where the mural and pocket
park is located.  Skip is building a display case for it and it
can be appreciated by the members who were so nice and helpful to me
while I was working there. 

A few photos from the Bruce Marion "Breakout Workshop" Nov 9th and 10th

Receiving instruction on the portrait 

Me making and executive decision on my happy little painting

 Bev, Jean, Barb, me, Jim and Bruce taking a lunch break
I made a new friend

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Congrats Barb Janecka

Congratulations to Barb Janecka on her Gilbert Visual Arts League
"Artist of the Month" ribbon!  A well deserved honor and beautiful
painting.  Barb will be one of many artists who have contributed
paintings to the 5x7 GVAL benefit this Saturday.  Click
on the photo below for info.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Paintings from the Breakout Workshop

I spent last weekend at Bruce Marion Studio's "Breakout Workshop"
in Chandler.  We finished five large paintings and here are
two of them.  Each of the five were done using different methods and produced
different looks.  I'll post photos from the class and more of my finished
paintings in a few days.  It was a fun workshop and we worked so fast that
there was no time to think or plan ahead.  It's a good way to get the creative
juices flowing! 

Friday, November 8, 2013

GVAL Meeting

Rather than have a speaker/presenter last night at the Gilbert Visual Art
League monthly meeting, we invited members to bring supplies and 5x7 inch
panels and work on paintings for the fundraiser on Nov. 16th.  It was a fun
social gathering called the Lush and Brush (a few bottles of wine and
yummie snacks were brought).  The night was a hit and it was fun to see
the variety of painting styles used by the members.  There were at
least 150 finished paintings turned in and many more to come.  If
you live in the area, drop by Postino Wine Cafe on Sat. Nov. 16th!
To visit my web site, follow this link