Wednesday, May 9, 2018

"Rose Rising Explained"

Putting paint to canvas is easy for most painters.  Putting the thoughts that prompted the painting into words is sometimes not so easy!  While showing my recent painting, “Rose Rising”, I’ve been asked many questions, such as, “What was your inspiration”, and “What is the meaning behind the name”?  At the time, I had no words.  Since then, I’ve given it some thought.
The style for the painting is “Quantum Leap”.  Quantum Leap is the moment when reality forms from scattered protons, electrons, and neutrons to achieve clarity.  A snapshot in time, taken between what is known and what is imagined.
For this painting, I thought about the transition from body to spirit.  The return from spirit in body to pure spirit is represented by the swirl of material particles encircling the model.  The protecting angel wing speaks to her ascending soul, as does the peaceful look in her eyes.  Society has given a number of meanings to the red roses in her hair, so I leave that up to the viewer.
Not being a writer by nature, I apologize in advance for any unpolished blog posts I may write.  I credit my son, Phillip, who is a writer, for penning the explanation of my style “Quantum Leap”.  He took my rambling and condensed it to three sentences!  I have completed four paintings in this style and have a few more in the planning stages.  I was so pleased that "Rose Rising" took the Best of Show honors in the recent Gilbert Visual Art League Juried Show and Sale!  Please feel free to visit my website . I’d love to hear from you!