Monday, December 28, 2015

International Voices Speaking Through Art 2015 Art Collector's Guide

"Face to the Sun"

"Scottish Trawlers"

These are the two paintings chosen for the 2015 edition of
International Voices Speaking Through Art Collector's Guide.  If you
happen to see a copy, my paintings are on page 20 and 21, with my name and
website.  I'm not sure how many copies of the book will be sold, but it's always
fun to be "published", even if it's just a free ad won through a drawing!

Monday, December 21, 2015

It's a Small World!

"Bird on a Wire" and "Sittin' Pretty" were mailed out recently to a 
 lovely couple in Chandler, AZ.  It's interesting that my first two sales from
Handmade at Amazon were sold to a local couple!  We were able to exchange a few
e-mails through the Amazon site.  It turns out that the purchaser's wife will
receive the pair of bluebirds for Christmas.  They are avid bird watchers 
 and enjoy visits from a large variety of Arizona birds to their backyard feeders.

I really feel that, for me, the best part of selling is interacting with people and
sharing my paintings with them.  It's nice to know that the Handmade at Amazon site 
allows some back and forth in the form of e-mails.  Knowing where my
paintings are going and getting to know the recipients are part of the fun!


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