Tuesday, October 31, 2017

I'm Back!

This had to be one of the highlights of my trip to France.  It was a visit to the cafe
Van Gogh painted during his stay in Arles, 1888.
I took a few photos at the same angle Van Gogh used to paint 
"Cafe Terrace at Night".  My plan is to do a loose
rendition of his painting using vibrant colors, to hang my home.

I took over a thousand photos while in the Provence region.  The colors
and architecture were stunning.  I've been asked for more door paintings, and 
believe me, I've got the reference photos! 

Life is Art...Paint Your Dreams!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Quantum Leap Series

I'm getting so much enjoyment from painting my Quantum Leap Series.  Here is the second painting in the series.  "Rose Rising" is a 15" x 30" mixed media painting on a gallery wrapped canvas.

Quantum Leap.   When particles haven’t actually formed yet.  When such things as electrons, photons, quarks, gluons, and bosons are still waves.  When electrons jump between one atomic obit and another. That instant when quantum physics tells us that the act of observation or interaction forms solid particles.  This series represents that split second in between, when the miracle of presence happens.

 In these paintings I'm trying to represent that by combining realistic painting with paint applied in abstract layered swirls.  It's different for me and I hope you enjoy the paintings!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

GVAL Member Show

I've entered these three paintings into the Gilbert Visual Art League 2017
Members Art Show.  The show runs from November 4th through December 2nd at
The Gilbert Historical Museum in Gilbert, AZ.  I won't make it to the opening reception 
because I'll be in Gold Canyon showing in the Artists of the Superstitions Studio Tour.
You can find information on both of the shows on my website events by 
clicking HERE    Have a great day.
Life is Art...Paint Your Dreams!

Frontiersman 24"x36" Oil on Stretched Canvas

Grandma's Table  12"x12" Oil on Stretched Canvas

Horse and Friend 14" x 11" Oil on Stretched Canvas