Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The JAG's

Here are my painting buddies...Judie, JoAnn, Ann, Jean, Donna,
Bev, Sharan, and Barb holding Macie wearing her beautiful red Christmas dress.
Tuesday's are the best because of these wonderful and talented ladies
that meet at Jean's to paint together and learn.
My house is decorated, gifts have been purchased and mailed, and
it's time to get back to painting.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

San Tan Artist show at the Olive Mill Dec 8, 2013

Myself, Bev Koldon and Barb Janecka at the Olive Mill.
We're breaking out the tents for the first time here.  It was a little chilly
last Sunday, but warm compared to the Minnesota weather
that I flew home from the night before!  I had a wonderful break
and I was able to visit my family back in Iowa and Minnesota.
We have another show in a few days and we're expecting
a sunny day in the 70's.

More Small Paintings

Gold Finch 5x7

Cactus Flower 5x7

A few new small paintings

                                                                   Fall Harvest 5x7

Two Reds and a Green 5x7

I decided to remove some of my paintings because the color
of the photos is terrible.  I'll try to fix the problem and hope to start
posting again soon.