Friday, January 31, 2014

A Wonderful Day with my Art Buddies

I joined friends to tour the new Temple in Gilbert yesterday.  The beauty of the
interior was amazing.  Photos don't do it justice, so if you get a chance to tour
before it's "off limits" to us non-Mormons, do it!  Of course, we all studied the
huge paintings inside and marveled at the crystal chandeliers.  Pictured are
Sharan, Donna, myself, Judy, JoAnn, Ann, Stevie, and Barb.  Bev and Jean joined
us later for a delicious lunch at Sharan's house.  I'm afraid I'm not getting much
painting done lately.  The weather is fantastic this time of year, so I'm taking
advantage of the area's activities.  Summer and full time painting
will come soon enough!

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