Monday, July 21, 2014

FASO Featured Artist

I was so happy (and a little surprised) last week to see an article about me in the FineArtViews newsletter by Carrie Turner (editor of FineArtViews).  I was a FASO featured artist and also a staff pick from the Daily Art Show by Brian Sherwin (editor of The Art Edge)!  Good things seem to be happening all at once.

 Soon the weather will cool off and the art show season will begin.  I'm working hard to build up an inventory of new paintings, keep my website updated, and send in those show entries and jury fees before the deadlines.  I'm going to include a link to the articles I mentioned.  Both FineArtViews and BrushBuzz can be requested free of charge and come daily to your e-mail address.  There is a lot of good information for artists or anyone in the creative field.  Life is Art, Paint Your Dreams!

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