Saturday, July 26, 2014

Women Making Faces

I'm really excited to be part of an upcoming exhibition called "Women Making Faces".  The plan is for twelve Arizona female portrait artists to paint a total of 60 portraits of notable Arizona women.  They are going to be hanging in the Chandler Center for the Arts along with the subjects' biographies.  Part of the deal is that the twelve portrait artists need to have our self portraits hanging in the gallery with those notable women as well.  There's something about painting myself that's making me dread this task.  Maybe it's the lighting over my bathroom vanity, but I look SO much better in my mirror than I do in photographs!  How many lines can I leave out before I'm unrecognizable?  Anyway, as soon as I get brave enough to take a serious set of photographs, I'll start sharing the progress on my self portrait.  I'm afraid I'll need to keep the other 5 portraits under wrap until the show next year!