Sunday, December 7, 2014

January 1st is approaching!

Traditionally, we view January 1st as a fresh start.  It's the beginning of a new year and seems like a good time to improve upon what has been our past plan of action.  I have only one thing on my list for next year..."Do better".  It can apply to everything we do all year long.  No need to list "diet, exercise, get along with relatives, write that novel", etc.  Just "Do Better"! 

The ending of the old year seems more important to me.  It's the end of the tax season and a good time to look back on what you've accomplished in the past twelve months.    I have a few unfinished canvases that I'll sand down and gesso over.  I hate waste, so they'll go on the shelf with my new canvases and be used again.

I also have a few finished paintings that I'll tweak before the end of the year.  Some paintings that looked finished to me less than a year ago are lacking those little highlights or splashes of color that bring a painting alive.

The most important things, of course, are not things at all.  They're the loved ones in our lives.  How have we treated them in the past twelve months.  Have we made new friends and had fun with our old ones?  Have we made time for our children, grandchildren, parents and siblings? 

As 2014 ends, I hope you have had a wonderful, productive year.  I know I've had blessings in the past year too numerous to mention.  Here's hoping you have a Happy Holiday Season and we all "Do Better" in 2015!

With Love,


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