Friday, January 16, 2015

The Subject of Subjects

Oil on Paper
I was talking to my friend Dianne yesterday and the subject of subjects came up.  I didn’t exactly have an epiphany…more like an insight or a little nudge toward reality.

The galleries and art gurus would have us believe that the only way to success as visual artists is to create a collection of one subject matter in one style that is recognizable to our collectors.  That advice has worked well for many successful artists.  I can spout off the names of at least ten contemporary artists whose work I recognize without the benefit of seeing their signature.  That is the aim of most artists, myself included.

Getting to that point is easier said than done.  How do we focus on only one subject matter until we’ve explored many?  I think the real question isn’t whether or not we should settle into one groove, but where are we on this journey and what is our definition of success?

For me, success is painting what makes me happy at the moment and having the freedom to share it.  Exploring is the first part of my amazing journey into the art world.  The rules can come later.  I think I’ll meander for a bit.

Life is Art…Paint Your Dreams!

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