Tuesday, June 19, 2018

We're Confused!

We're Confused!

A couple of months ago I was invited to submit my work to a gallery show.  The Call for Art asked artists to submit only paintings in the “contemporary style”.  There seems to be a lot of confusion in the art world over the use of terms.  Actually, Contemporary is a period, not a style or movement.  The Contemporary period began around 1970 and continues. By definition, every artist painting today paints contemporary art. 

A contemporary painting can representational (represents actual objects or subjects from reality), abstract (takes subjects or objects from reality and presents them in a different way), or non-objective (takes nothing from reality).  With hundreds of words to describe art styles and dozens of words to describe art movements, it’s no wonder that people are confused.  Many times artists themselves aren’t sure what words to use to label their own art.  Below are examples of these three types of art.  Marian and Sharon are members of a group blog called EVA Gallery that I also belong to. You can follow our group, by visiting our blog. Click here HERE

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I like to keep one thing in mind when purchasing original art for myself.  I buy art that appeals to me from artists that appeal to me.  The labels aren’t important.  Art comes from the heart and soul of the artist.  When you purchase original art, you are inviting a little piece of the artist into your home.  My hope is that with all of the disposable wall decoration available today, the resurgence of valuing hand made over mass produced will continue to grow.  We need to inspire and foster creativity in our world and what better way to do that then to surround ourselves with art? 
Life is Art…Paint Your Dreams!

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